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The Story Behind Mother’s Song
While driving 350 miles to his mother’s funeral, he drove with a pen in one hand and the steering wheel in the other.  His words, now entitled “Mother’s Song – The Eulogy,” were finished that day and have not changed since.
Three years later he wrote the music, now called “Mother’s Song – The Instrumental,” and recorded the song, now in its 30th Anniversary Edition.  In its first two years of release, Mother’s Song played on more than 3,000 radio stations including several radio networks.  It was the most requested song on the nation’s number one radio station, with a million listeners per quarter hour, in New York City.  The amazing Mother’s Song story was covered by radio, on television, and in newspapers.
As a Board Member at Home Shopping Network, I introduced Mother’s Song to HSN’s Chairman & CEO, Roy Speer, and to HSN’s President & COO, Bud Paxson, while flying from Los Angeles to Tampa on a Delta Flight.  The next day, after reviewing Mother’s Song, Bud agreed to test the song on-air on the Home Shopping Network.  The test results were stunning.  Mother’s song then became the fastest selling product in HSN history, according to reports at the time.  HSN sold thousands and thousands of copies for two Mother’s Day seasons.  HSN negotiated for the worldwide rights to Mother’s Song for television, audio, videos, movies, and publishing.  Today all rights continue to be owned by its original author, songwriter, and musician, Del Henry.  He decided that a song inspired by the loving memory of his mother should be kept within the family.
The sequel to Mother’s Song . . .“A Mother’s Love One Kind”. . . features the exceptional vocalist, Ace Bowie, and includes these thoughts:  “A world of beauty.  A world of sorrow.  A new beginning.  A new tomorrow.  A love that guides you.  Until you find You”.  A Mother’s Love. . . is the story of love that will always be . . .One Kind.

I was there from the beginning.  His mother would be proud.
Rick Michaels, Chairman & CEO — CEA Group; Tampa, Florida